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125Litres Ex-Pedro Ximenez Quarter Cask

Our Private Cask Programme is now closed

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2021 cask programme offering 125 Litres first fill Ex-Pedro Ximenez Quarter Oak Cask. 


Cask will be filled with your choice of peated or unpeated Dunphail spirit at 63.5%abv.


Your cask will then be matured in our onsite dunnage-style warehouse, situated next  to the distillery and carefully monitored by our warehouse team. 


Casks will be filled when the distillery commences operations- currently planned for the end of 2022.


Price includes 10 years of warehouse maturation and insurance. 


Please read full terms and condition before purchasing the cask. 

Download Cask Purchase Terms & Condition here

125Litres Ex-Pedro Ximenez Quarter Cask

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