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An expedition into individuality of whisky

An expedition into individuality of whisky


The Dava Way uncovers, curates and bottles spirits that exemplify and celebrate flavour, balance and uniqueness.

Named after the Great Scottish Trail that follows the path of the former Highland Railway passing close to Dunphail Distillery, The Dava Way explores the individuality of whisky – one cask at a time.

Our casks are selected to typify distillery characters, showcase individual production techniques and demonstrate a broad spectrum of maturation styles.


Our releases are delivered free from any artifice, colouring or chill filtration - as nature intended.




Expertise, nature and fortuitousness

Every whisky possesses a distinctive personality that has been shaped over time by expertise, nature and fortuitousness. 


Our Director of Whisky Creation conscientiously sources thought-provoking casks that typify distillery characters, showcases individual production techniques and that demonstrate a broad spectrum of maturation styles.


We assess the casks which have been reserved for our single cask releases and decide on the ideal bottling strength for every cask – recognising that there is an equilibrium point where the profile and personality of a whisky is at its most expressive.

We make decisions to re-rack some whiskies into different cask types, working with some of the best cooperages and bodegas throughout the world to ensure that every additional maturation is both meaningful and sympathetic to the original spirit.


To enable enthusiasts to best understand the individuality of every whisky we bottle – our labels feature the full array of maturation details. 

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