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Introducing The Dava Way – A Journey Through Whisky

The Dunphail Distillery team - who also operate the acclaimed Bimber Distillery in London – invite you on a special journey that showcases their deep passion for whisky.

The Dava Way collection is Dunphail’s range of independently bottled Scotch whiskies from several acclaimed distilleries.  

The collection takes its name from the great walking trail that follows the old Highland Railway, passing close to Dunphail Distillery as it winds through rocky passes, open moorland, and farmers’ fields.

To reflect that rich tapestry of the Scottish landscape, the whiskies selected to be part of The Dava Way collection also take you on an exciting journey of flavour and uniqueness.






The Dava Way takes a meticulous approach to select exceptional casks that truly represent the character of each featured distillery, showcasing the diverse production techniques, cask types and spirit profiles that define Scotch whisky.  Every release in The Dava Way collection is delivered in its purest form, untouched by artificial colouring or chill filtration – honouring the natural essence of whisky.

In their pursuit of perfection, the team even re-rack some whiskies into different wood types and determine the ideal bottling strengths based on each cask's individual character. 

Each bottle proudly displays a label featuring comprehensive maturation details, accompanied by a captivating artwork of the distillery where the whisky was produced.

Until Dunphail Distillery’s own single malt is ready, The Dava Way collection is a bridge to the rich landscape of Scotch whisky styles while demonstrating the passion that they will carry forward into their new, steadfastly traditional Speyside distillery.

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