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The Craft Distillery Experience

We have created the Dunphail Distillery to enhance perceptions of Scotch whisky by crafting the finest spirits the way they used to be made.


We truly believe that the best whiskies are created from the finest ingredients, using traditional processes that put character and flavour ahead of yield. 

Our determined approach puts time-honoured processes – such as on -site floor malting, long fermentations and direct-fired pot stills - at the heart of everything we do in order to lovingly craft superlative whiskies.  Set in the stunning landscape of the Speyside whisky region, we chose the site for our distillery – located south of Forres – for its micro-climate that is ideal for maturation.


Through our established expertise developing world-class single malt whiskies, and our dedication to quality, Dunphail Distillery will take the traditions of the past and apply them to shape the whisky of tomorrow.


Our strong commitment to provenance and the highest quality ingredients is borne out through our barley, which has been specially selected to form the foundation of our flavour profile.

Dunphail’s on-site malthouse – crowned with its iconic pagoda roof - offers sights and experiences rarely seen in modern whisky production.   The stone building has been specially constructed and is operated in the traditional way, turning the germinating grains by hand.

The kiln will dry our barley to complete the malting process, on occasion using peat to introduce rich, smoky flavours.


These processes not only reflect the heritage of Scotch whisky, but they also add significant character to the produced spirit.


We draw our water from a dedicated on-site borehole – a source rich in natural minerals, filtered slowly through layers of ancient sandstone. Across all our whisky making, will also take steps to reduce the need for water.


Our world class malting facility will offer sights, experiences, and flavours rarely seen in modern whisky production. And its use is fundamental to shaping the profile of our single malt whisky.


The two-storey building will be constructed and operated the traditional way – with stone floors and the use of old-fashioned drying techniques.


The germinating grains will be turned by hand, twice a day, seven days a week. Unpeated barley will be air dried, whereas peated barley (produced using locally sourced Aberdeenshire peat) will be traditionally kilned using Dunphail’s fully operational old fashion, ventilating pagoda.


These iconic and historic processes not only reflect the heritage of Scotch whisky – they also add significant character to the produced spirit. The finest whisky the way it used to be made.



Our malted barley is then milled by us to a precise specification, ready to be combined with hot water in the mash tun.  The mashing process carefully releases the sugars that - when added to yeast – develops into alcohol and builds flavour.  We use a long fermentation in our self-constructed Scottish Douglas fir wooden washbacks, this gentle approach helping us create a complex, fruit-forward spirit.


Distillation takes place in copper pot stills using direct fire – a traditional method that produces a spirit of great body and depth. The unique design of our stills ensures a high volume of copper contact, with the distillation producing a crisp, clean and refined spirit.


Our wood policy has been created to provide us with an exciting, enduring plan for maturing Dunphail whisky.  We specially select casks – usually hogsheads with a capacity of 250 litres – that will both promote and enhance the flavours that we created during our spirit making.  Ex-bourbon casks, as well as those previously used for sherry and other liquids, also feature in our plans.

With an ever-watchful eye, the team will observe each cask as it matures – only ever selecting the finest of our whiskies to bottle and bear the Dunphail name.


As Dunphail’s whisky matures, we are showcasing our passion and expertise in Scotch whisky through our independently-bottled collection – The Dava Way.  We take a meticulous approach to select exceptional casks that truly represent the character of each featured distillery, showcasing the diverse production techniques, cask types and spirit profiles that define Scotch whisky.

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