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Equity offered in Dunphail Distillery

As a progressive new distillery, Dunphail is keen to work with investors who share our vision.


A limited number of investors are invited to join us on a once in a lifetime opportunity and to own their own piece of distillery history.

The establishing of a distillery is a long process and value is continually created in terms of buildings and stock prior to larger revenue generation. Once revenue generation does commence, the value is quickly established by a combination of growing stock and sales profit.

The shares in Dunphail Distillery are eligible for tax relief under Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”), a government-backed scheme designed to encourage investment in smaller companies. A new distillery such as the Dunphail Distillery is a qualifying trade business and meets EIS eligibility requirements.

The rules for EIS tax relief require the investment to be held for at least 3 years from the start of trading (not the date of the investment). Dunphail Distillery has been accepted by HMRC, and UK Investor can apply for tax relief.

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This promotion is only available to high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors or professional/institutional investors, the qualifying criteria for each of which are set out in the statements below.

*minimum investment  £10.000

What type investor are you?

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Dunphail Distillery produces world class single malt Scotch whisky for a well-established global whisky market that is predicted to hit annual revenues of over £78 billion within the next decade.


Solid returns from investing in whisky maturation have been achieved for many years, however there is strong demand within the international whisky market for “something new”.


Dunphail’s resolutely traditional vision will allow us to lead the way in craft whisky production by combining an outlook shaped by generations of rich distilling heritage with a forward-looking, innovative approach to whisky education and appreciation. And in doing so - position us as a leading light in the new tradition of Scotch whisky making.


As an investor, you’ll be a crucial part of our company, our distillery and our unique, world class spirit with your own stake in Dunphail Distillery. Through your investment you’ll be able to share the success of our future growth and have the potential to increase the value of your holding further.


You will also receive a host of benefits being an investor, from lifetime discounts (exact details subject to amount invested) to exclusive event invitations and free tours. Investing in a distillery can go much deeper than just the financial benefits – it represents an emotional investment, buying into the passion of people, their vision and their craft.


The first funding raised in 2022 has now been fully deployed to construct and equip Dunphail Distillery.

The new funding, we receive in this round will be used to commence the production and lay down bulk stock of single malt whisky to enable us to meet future, anticipated demand.



Taking the traditions of the past to shape

the whisky of tomorrow

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