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22 years old

Drawn from a 1st fill sherry

50.5% abv

Our oldest Dava Way release to date has been sourced from Glendullan Distillery, which is located on the banks of the river Fiddich in Dufftown – one of the busiest whisky areas in the world.


Rarely seen bottled as a single malt of this age, our Dava Way Glendullan offers a refined and exceptional experience. Combining the sophistication of refill maturation with pure sherried indulgence - this exceptional bottling encapsulates the essence of longer sherry cask maturation and presents a tapestry of deep, delightful flavours.

NOSE: Rich and inviting. Fine chocolate and golden tobacco leaves join antique furniture whilst orange cordial sits alongside chopped walnuts and a touch of metholated oak.


PALATE: Venerably aged and fulsome. Malt loaves and brioche buns are enlivened with orange segments and well-polished oak. Clove, ginger and cinnamon spicing gives way to lavishly decadent flavours of stewed berries, chocolate torte and fresh leafy sherry.


FINISH: Lasting and refined with fading chocolate and delicate gingerbread.

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