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Purchasing your own cask of single malt Scotch whisky directly from Dunphail Distillery offers a very special and rewarding experience. 


Whether for yourself, a partner, a loved one or a small group of family, friends or enthusiasts – owning a cask will let you bottle a unique piece of our distilling history.


By purchasing a cask from Dunphail Distillery, and in recognition of your early support, you will receive automatic membership to our Cask Club, which provides an array of addition benefits, including exclusive annual bottlings.

Private Cask Programme


Our inaugural Private Cask programme offers the opportunity to lay down your own stock of Dunphail single malt, and to enjoy its development from spirit to maturity.

We are offering a very limited number of private casks for sale. These will be offered on a first come first serve basis. 


Our initial cask programme offering presents three different Dunphail Distillery cask types to choose from: 


  • 200 litre ex-bourbon cask

  • 125 litre Ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry quarter cask 

  • 125 litre Ex-Oloroso sherry quarter casks

All casks offered will be ‘1st fill’. This means that this is the first time these casks will have been utilised to mature Scotch whisky. They will therefore offer a greater influence on the spirit in terms of the aromas, flavours and colour imbued.


Your cask(s) will be filled with your choice of unpeated or peated Dunphail spirit at 63.5% ABV. 


You can fill this in person, or we will send you a small video of us filling this on your behalf. 


Your cask(s) will then be matured in our onsite dunnage-style warehouses, situated next to the distillery, and carefully monitored by our warehouse team.


And then, all that’s left to do is to patiently wait.


200 Litre Cask

200 Litres Cask

Cask Type: Ex-Bourbon 

Spirit Type: Peated & Unpeated

Cask  Price From: £5,700

(Includes 10 years of warehouse maturation and insurance

200 Litre Cask

125 Litres Cask

Cask Type: Ex-Pedro Ximenez 

Spirit Type: Peated & Unpeated

Cask Price From: £3,800

(Includes 10 years of warehouse maturation and insurance) 

200 Litre Cask

125 Litres Cask

Cask Type: Ex-Oloroso 

Spirit Type: Peated & Unpeated

Cask Price From: £3,800

(Includes 10 years of warehouse maturation and insurance



All cask purchasers will automatically become part of the Dunphail ‘Cask Club’, with the following benefits:


The opportunity to visit the distillery to see your cask(s) being filled, followed by a tasting of our new make and a selection of drams.


  • Exclusive annual cask owners bottle*

  • 1 x 20cl sample bottles of the same new make spirit that was used to fill your cask

  • 10% discount on all online orders

  • Free annual distillery tour

  • Higher tier status on future ballots of Dunphail general releases**



*The ability to purchase an annual Cask Club bottle will commence after the release of our first single malt whisky.


** This does not guarantee any automatic purchasing options for bottles other than the annual Cask Club release.


Our Cask Club members will have the ability purchase an annual cask owners’ bottle, produced exclusively for Club members. The first of these Cask Club releases will be produced shortly after the release of Dunphail’s inaugural single malt whisky.


Due to the limited number of casks available for sale at Dunphail, Cask Club releases will be single cask in format and selected based on the profile and quality of the best spirit we have available at the time to thank cask owners for their support and to ensure maximum enjoyment.


All casks are stored on-site at Dunphail Distillery and will remain so for the entire period of maturation. They will be insured and will include 10 years of storage. 


You are welcome to visit your cask annually during our standard opening hours for tours. We require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice to prepare any samples for collection, and also to host you. 


Visits and sampling will only be available at certain times of the year – there will be occasions when visits are not possible due to production schedules or planned distillery works. 


If you wish to request a sample to be sent to you this will incur a charge based on standard rates at the time and include UK taxes and postage and packaging. Please contact us directly via as postage, packing and custom changes will vary. 


Please note that samples are limited to 1 x 100ml per year, per cask.


Bottling will be carried out by Dunphail Distillery Ltd. Bottling is allowed after our first official whisky release for the spirit type of your cask, and after a minimum of 5 years for Quarter casks (125 litre) and 7 years for full size casks (200 litre).  


You can choose to either bottle at 46% ABV or full, natural cask strength.


There are several additional charges that are payable when bottling your cask including taxes, and delivery charges. We have created the following table as a way of illustrating these charges, and the potential price per bottle.

Price calculation example 

The below table shows an example calculation of the total cost of an Founders Club Cask. 

This calculation is based on current rates and is subject to change. This example gives an idea of the potential total cost for these casks bottled at cask strength circa 58% abv. in 70cl bottles. The 125L casks are assumed bottled after 5 years and the 200L casks after 7 years. 

The final bottle count may vary according to the angel’s share during that time. The angel’s share has been estimated between 5% and 3% per year for casks. If the maturation period is longer this would have an impact on the volume of liquid and reduce the number of bottles. 

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 15.21.49.png

In these examples the final payment due at the time of bottling would be: 


Total Price £7,430 minus initial purchase £3,800 = £3,630 


Total Price £11,894 minus initial purchase £5,700 = £6,194

Download Dunphail whisky cask offer

View full cask purchase Terms & Condition here

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