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Updated: Feb 6

Our new make spirit is the building block of everything we do. It has been shaped by our use of the finest ingredients, time-honoured production processes and our tireless dedication to excellence. It is a product of our historical outlook on production combined with our forward-looking, innovative approach to whisky appreciation.

Dunphail unpeated new make spirit


Nose: Exotic tropical fruits combine with scattered berries, honey, bakery notes and cut grass


Palate: A rich, full-bodied mouthfeel of peaches, bananas, lemons, limes and oranges. Pastry flavours and minerality add additional nuances and complexity


Finish: Sweet malt loaf and ginger spicing

Delighting the senses


The pronounced fruit-forward character of Dunphail’s new make spirit immediately captures the attention. The nose possesses an intensity that is as refreshing and appealing as it is distinctive. The flavour journey not only maintains the prominent sweet fruitiness – it builds upon this with layers of depth, complexity and a pronounced velvety mouthfeel. The finish of the spirit is a testament to its quality – lingering, contemplative and leaving a lasting impression that will delight the senses.


A deep commitment to tradition


The remarkable character and profound flavour of our new make spirit has been shaped by our deep commitment to traditional whisky making methods - full on-site floor malting and kilning, 7-day open-topped fermentations and direct fire distillations. Each of these processes helps us to craft a truly world-class spirit that is vibrant, dynamic and the ideal foundation on which to develop our Speyside Scotch single malt whisky.

Precision and passion


Distillation is an art form that requires both precision and passion. Our Master Distiller oversees every aspect of our spirit creation – from the timing of cut points, to the precise still temperatures required. This attention to detail is vital, as it allows us to capture the essence of our traditional spirit. This ensures that each of our whisky production processes have been fully harnessed and that Dunphail’s new make spirit possesses a distinctive and rich flavour profile.


The perfect canvas


Our new make spirit marries tradition with innovation to create the perfect canvas on which to craft our single malt whisky. The fruit-forward flavours of our spirit showcases the time-honoured techniques being utilised at our distillery - whilst its profound texture will help us to shape our single malt over the years to come and to push the boundaries of flavour.


Our calling


The delicate balance between traditional methods, the finest ingredients and our expertise does not happen quickly. It is only through patient organisation that each individual whisky making step can be brought together in harmony to produce an exceptional new make spirit. This fusion of art and tradition is our calling – and the driving force behind Dunphail.


As we continue to lay down casks within our warehouse, we’re looking forward to sharing the incredible results of our dedication to whisky making with you all.


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